Can you guess this stcker?

Its reynolds something… can anyone help?

Any other info? Frame builder? Approximate year? Country?

that may be “Birmingham England” on the last few lines of the sticker?

Guaranteed built with Reynolds®
Fork blades, stays, butted frame tubing
Manufactured by Reynolds Tubing Co Birmingham, England

Your sticker might not have the tube number though

I think it says Reynolds plumbing pipe® … but I could be wrong

most of their stickers say the same things with a word added here and there.

Thanks powdah, i think your spot on, not sure about the 531 though.

Ive never come across a reynolds sticker this colour or shape so it threw me off a bit.

I remember reading somewhere that there were joke Reynolds stickers sold at local bike shops in the 70’s. They read something like “guaranteed not built with Reynolds 531 tubing”. Could be one of those. Hah!

Found out it is Reynolds SMS - Which was a plain guage 0.8 tube set produced for a couple of years in the early 80’s.