can you remove coloured ano?

so pretty much what the topic asks.
I have a set of red ano deep v’s that i would like to get back to a high shine finish-is this possible? tried oven cleaner without much luck but it wasnt a full ball effort.
Cheers in advance

i used easy off oven cleaner and steel wool. spray the shit out of the stuff, leave it for 5 or 10, scrub off ano with steel wool, then repeat. then eventually you can polish it.

Coloured ano shouldn’t make any real difference, just make sure that the oven cleaner you bought is caustic. I find the home brand one works well.

Run a search on threads in this section, there was a big one on removing anodising a while back. But to chime in with above, colour makes no difference, its just a dye that soaks in to the oxide layer.

yea ive done it before when there was no colour involved but when i tried it didnt work so well but i must not have left it for long enough. Will try again, maybe when this fucking rain dies down. cheers guys

Or instead of oven cleaner, go the real deal and just get Caustic straight up. It comes in a tub, follow instructions, and soak the rim until the anno is gone and alloy looks dull grey. Pull out, rinse and start rubbing. Your hardest task might be to find a large enough tray to immerse the whole rim?

if you’re going to polish, why don’t you just skip the ano removal and go straight to a fine wet sand?