Canada Post...

If you ever have the occasion to buy something from Canada do NOT use Canada Post.

I bought some DA hubs on ebay 8 weeks ago, paid $19 US for postage, which was the cheaper option. The should have arrived in 4 - 6 weeks according to the canada post website. They arrived this morning.

If I had gone the quick postage option, for $40 US, it would have arrived in 2 - 4 weeks, apparently.

I don’t understand why Canada is so bad when you can get USPS air mail for under $10 and the package arrives in less than a week!


In the international scheme of mail traffic, Australia is a small player and Canada is a small player, so the exchange is not as rapid as to other counties. We’ve always found that letter and parcels to and from our relatives there take a goodly while, like 2 weeks. Seems like your boat must have meet with some misfortune on the way, or perhaps your parcel looked like a bomb… :wink:

Royal Mail ROCKS!!! Buy stuff from the UK if you can - there are a couple of heavy discounters (totalcycling v. good, parker international not quite as good). Royal mail postage is cheap and fast (at least when compared to USPS).