Canberra Centenary Trail

Do I require a MTB, or could I do most of it on my Straggler with 32’s? Looking to do a long ride next weekend that isn’t too challenging, happy to stick to mostly bike path.

It’s easily ridable on 32-35s, but you’ll have to be a bit cautious about pinch flatting in a few sections where it’s rougher and rockier.
If you want to try it out, the Goorooyarroo and Mulligans Flat sections are super smooth.

While I agree with Adam in that you can do it on 32s you’ll have heaps more fun if you go fatter - especially if your 32s are slicks.
I normally do it on the cross bike with 35 knobblys, I probably wouldn’t do it with skinnier/slick tires.

Hi Guys
I’m planning of doing a little overnighter next weekend (12th and 13th Nov) on the southern half of the Centenary trail.
Basic idea was:
Day 1: Campbell around the lake to Stromlo and south to Pine Island. Pine Island to Woods Reserve Campground.
Day 2: Woods Reserve, back to the Centenary Trail and complete the South/East side of the Trail.

Just looking to get some riding practice in, but also gear/packing practice for NZ, as this will be my first solo trip. I’m going to be on my Straggler with Rock n Roads.

If anyone wants to join, give me a holla.

The 12th is warehouse party night thoooo (and my last night out in CBR).

I think going solo is a good plan to help prepare for NZ, definitely very different when you have company.

Yeah, I’ve only ever ridden with other people, so it’s been easier to distribute food/cooking supplies up, so I want to ensure I’ve got that sorted before I hit the road. Plus I’ve never been good at navigation, so will need to practice using maps/apps etc. hmmmmm warehouse party sounds fun though.

A quick bump on this thread.

I have a few questions in regards to this trail. I have bought a bike I think should be capable enough but I’m not sure I am, but looking to do something other than constant laps of Stromlo.

How well signed is it? I would be looking at doing the whole thing in 1 day over the Xmas break so when I’m tired with my head down near the end am I likely to shoot past a decision point and end up in a farmers field somewhere playing an extra in Wolf Creek (I only have a Garmin 500 so I guess I could import a file from somewhere, but I hate looking at the thing while riding).

How does one find all the detours to acquire B&E rolls and coffee in the morning and baked goods and beer in the arvo?

Signage is generally good but its placement can sometimes be tricky, especially if it’s your first time. I’d recommend you download the route on your Garmin. You can find it easily on RideWithGPS.

One stop that is smack bang on the trail and with good food is Hall - I stopped at the Wandering Goose and it was fine. Also Wilbur’s in Hackett is fairly close to the trail and ok as well.

Cheers Seb, looks like GPS is the go.

Food will be easy, It looks like you’re never that far from civilisation apart from a fair portion in the north which will most likely be the last 1/3 of my loop (unless I pull the pin earlier).

Signage is better than when it first opened.
If you can, my advice would be to do the northern portion first, then the south west. That gets the hardest/most remote bits out of the way early.

I tried to do the whole thing in a day without a GPS and got lost in the southern bikepath part entering tuggers and ended up in a random field under some powerlines. I’m sure it’s a bit better signed now.

Is there a correct direction to ride? I’ve downloaded a file to the Garmin and it’s clockwise but a few others I’ve looked at are riding in an anticlockwise direction.

I’ll be starting at Denham Court so I can get the north done first, I’m going to be relying on the Garmin as I just don’t trust myself (I once took a wrong turn at the Bike Buller downhill to Mirimbah and ended up halfway down the wrong side of the mountain- the climb back up to the track was painful).

Tyres- bike has 28s but has room to run 35s - but tbh don’t really want to change them- and there is Buckleys chance of me doing on my 12kg mtb with 2.5 rubber.

There’s no correct direction.
Ummm, I don’t think it’s really doable on 28s, especially the northern section and Kambah Pools section. Unless you have a truckload of luck and skill you’re gonna be bustin’ tubes and rims.
It might be heavier and roll slower but in the long term you’ll be infinitely happier on the MTB.

Alright, first off - the bigger the tyres you have, the more fun you are going to have. For a full days ride, you are going to get tired and there are some tricky bits in parts.

Depending on how old your GPS file is, there is a part around Mount Mugga Mugga which is the section after Isaacs Ridge that has seen rerouting which hasn’t been updated on the site for the trail, useless kents.

Pretty much the only places you end up getting lost at is when it hits the urban areas as the signage bits can get a bit lost in the urban clutter. I feel that it is quite bad from Hall to Black Mountain. Some of the signage is also confusing around Black Mountain, there is a long and short way through there and it isn’t quite clear.

It does help to have some knowledge of Canberra so that if you do get lost you can just point yourself in the direction of where the next section starts.

Throw some dates at me. I might be able to tag along.

I might look at getting some cross tyres for it then because I have neither luck or skill in any great abundance, especially as this is my first bike with drops, it could be … entertaining, bloody thing feels very foreign.

I’m not wedded to he idea of the Centenary Trail just thought it looked fun, I’m glad I checked first. If I don’t end up doing it I’ll just find a gravel road somewhere and do an out and back.

File was loaded up 01 April 16, not sure what to read into that.

I have an ok idea of the layout of the place, it’s just the roundabouts that stitch me up, I can always find Braddon though.

We’re coming down on the 23rd until the 29th as we have to be at a mates farm up the coast on the 30th, staying close to Stromlo so that might see a few laps as well.

The Centenary Trail is a great ride - even if you don’t want to do the whole thing, I can take you on the southern section that made it into the Hunt 1000 ride this year. Pretty sure a lot of the riders enjoyed it.

Pretty old then - It’s going to be out of date in a few sections.

Hit me up for some Stromlo action!

Cheers Ezy, will do.

How’d you go with the trail, Lambchop?

Not well on the Centenary, the tyres I ordered didnt come in on time, so i only took the mtb to CBR.

I’ve taken the C3 out for a few rides and struggling to see the appeal tbh, I can’t see me riding 130 kms on it over single track, I would much better off suffering on my 140/160 mtb.