canberra powder coating

where can a brother get a frame powder coated?

Capital powder coating in qbn or
can fab in fyshwick.

Last couple of jobs we have used can fab as they do a day or so turnaround.

sweet! i’ve heard it costs about $150?

If the frame is bare metal canfab will do frame and fork for $50

AA sandblasting in fyshwick will blast a frame for $30

pretty cheap !!!


Hey man,
Welcome to Canberra!
Yeah I recently got a frame and fork powdercoated at AA, $30 and really quick turn around.
Can Fab are pretty cheap too, they quoted me at $70 but couldnt do the colour I wanted, will be getting another done soon though in black so might hit em up for $50 and see what happens :wink:

yeah that’s pretty cheap.

i’m hoping they can match the colour on my Charge. I like the blue so I’ll keep the front fork as is, with the small charge logo on it, and get the rest of the frame coated plain blue.

will hit’em up in a couple of weeks.

thanks guys!

Sorry dude, should have read sandblasted at AA not powdercoated…
Cool, post some pics when it’s done!

sweet. thanks man.

will do!

anyone tried to telephone capital powder coating lately? They didn’t answer on Saturday and they’re not answering today…

After some pretty shonky work from Can Fab, I’ve started using Tai Powdercoating in Queanbeyan. Nice people and much better results.

Cool, just gave them a call. What’s with these odd hours? None of them are open on weekends and all close by 4:30pm…

That absolutely blows my mind! I can’t imagine better results, though I guess if youre doing high volume there could be a difference in consistency. We are lucky folk to have (by the sounds of it) two extraordinarily good powdercoaters in a small city. I’ve found CanFab to be extremely fast, extremely cheap and am yet to find an imperfection in any of their work… but thats only 4 pieces, so consistency might be their downfall?

Believe. Although, again, I may have experienced their “bad day”… but when three frames of the five I’d left with them (all stripped and zinced and clean as a whistle) came up with numerous dots and bubbles on the top tube of all things… and their explanation was “Yeah well that sometimes happens - would you like us to have another go?”

I’m sorry, but FUCK that.

wowzers. that does sound bad.