Canberra to Sydney.

I’ve been wanting to do it for about 2 years now and haven’t done it for various reason but now that it’s out there I have to knock it off my to do list.

Keeping it symbolic it’ll probably be Parliament House to Government House or GPO to GPO or something like that.

Now who wants to help me with a route? I don’t give a shit about scenery and I don’t want to spend all day on the highway (cars don’t concern me so much it’s just a boredom thing). Avoiding a lot of climbing would be ideal as I’m definitely over extending myself here.

I have often wondered what the best way would be. The way I have thought about would be via the Blue Mountains… but that is a lot of climbing I’d imagine.

Or the reverse of what the Indian Pacific did…

How many days are you thinking? 3?

Tom and I are doing this next week.
From Bowral we will either go via Blue Mountains to Katoomba if Seb can pick us up on the way the Thunderbolts, or via Upper Nepean, Wollongong and Sydney if not. I haven’t figured out the Nepean, Wollongong, Royal NP section yet.
Option 1:
Option 2 (to be completed):
Anyone got any suggestions (sorry for the hijack, Lorday).

ezy, how is that the reverse of the indypac? lorday is going the same way no?

Yeah, I didn’t read. Thought he was riding to CBR from SYD. Apologies.

CBR > SYD. I want to do it in a day.

Something along the lines of the Old Hume Highway and over Razorback would be traditional I guess.

Yo Lorday, I’m gonna ride back to Brisbane at the end of May. Cbr > Syd gonna be a day. If you wanna join me you’re more then welcome, it’d be nice to have some company.

On a weekend? Could potentially do that if so. Get down there the night before on a murrays bus, then ride back the next day.

Do the Murray busses take bikes?

Yes, but this being the most cycle friendly country on earth, you have to box it up

Fuck that is such a punish. It’s no worse then folding up a pram and sticking it under the bus…balls.

…aaand pay a fee.

Sounds like a good idea to me