Cannondale CAAD8

Last year I bought a 63cm SuperSix and had full intentions to build it up. That never happened, I sold it for a small profit and continued riding my Capo.
A week ago a 63cm CAAD8 popped up on Ebay. I was attracted to it because it was much more understated than the SuperSix was and the raw finish is the same as my Capo. The Ebay auction was a non event, I got it for less than half of what I paid for the SuperSix and it’s in better cosmetic condition than the SuperSix was.

I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to build this up, but I figure if I make a thread then it’ll force me to do so.
I’d like to ride up some hills so I can bomb back down them.

One photo for the moment.

Strip the stickas!

good one yo mans!

But how will he remember who made it and where?

I wish I was tall. Huge bikes look so good.

The grass is always greener, I prefer the look of smaller bikes!

Also, no stickers will be removed. I want all the freedom fries and all the branding I can get!

approved, much anticipation. So nice in that scheme.

Saw this when it popped up. Glad to see it went to a good home.

This has been sitting around for ages and it now going to be my 1*10 commuter.
Currently like this, a few more parts to come in.
Tyres are 28mm GP4000s, rear does not fit as it rubs on the brake. It previously rubbed on the brake bridge until I Dremeled that down a bit, then the caliper went on and NO GO JO. Will try a 25mm in the rear.

Does it rub on the brakes while cable is tensioned or not tensioned?

I found on some previous builds when you squeeze the calipers the arms move to make room so at the top of the tire it gives an extra few mm, juuust enough to run.

Interesting concept! Will give it a go this evening!
I believe it’ll need more than a few mm, but I’m up to try anything. (A 25mm tyre has been ordered already, if all else fails)

I went with a 25mm in the rear, riding in the winter means dirt and rain, so I don’t want track bike clearances just for cool guy fat tyre points.

I’ve ordered a few items over the past few weeks as I kept on forgetting something, or I did have a compatibility issue with a road rear mech and mtb shifter.
The last package turned up last night, so I rushed home to put this bike back together. The days are getting shorter, #SOTB Is well and truly over!
I want to keep it simple, so went with a 1*10 setup, very similar (the same) to what was on my Crave SL.

Shimano CX 105 crankset in 175mm.
Raceface narrow wide chainring 44tooth.
Shimano Zee rear mech.
Shimano XT 11-32 cassette.
Shimano XT (maybe?) 10 speed chain.

I’ve never actually installed a rear mech, so a couple Youtube videos were used to set it up. It shifts reasonably fine, I may have to fine tune it.
I’m definitely no Shifter Dan when it comes to cables.

I rode it in this morning, with a couple stops to adjust my saddle position.
Very effortless, feels nice.
Fenders and a bell will be future additions, otherwise we are good to go.

The winter bike isn’t a winter bike without fenders, and since the CAAD8 is a pure bred race machine and doesn’t have fender mounts, I ordered some SKS Raceblade Pro Stealth Series - XL to run throughout the winter period.

The front fit well, though I had to trim about 100mm off the brake bridge end for it to fit properly.
I think I’ll adjust the rear slightly as it does rub a TINY bit on some big bumps, though they seem to do their job.
Not as good as real fenders, but definitely better than an ass-saver or similar.

Sold it yesterday, got another 1*10 flat bar bike to commute and pop wheelies on.