Cannondale reissues their original Track...?

As the Tarck 1000?

What what?

Cannondale USA Announces the Return of the Tarck 1000 (Prolly Is Not Probably)

So… Who’s getting a Polly purple one?

And what is up with that saddle angle?

has to be…

yes, it’s a joke. But JLN’s comment was hilarious.

Back When They Were Made in the USA (Prolly Is Not Probably)

fuck a sad saddle

See you blokes in 2012. I’ll be in MEL and Sydney for a few months (yes months).

Prolly brings the lolzz. This calls for another sticker.

^yes more stickers…

Polly made a photoshop funny.

What can I say? I’m a funny guy.

Aww man :frowning: I got all excited for a second


Also, I put one of my meat pie stickers on Lance’s bike in Mellow Johnny’s


Pics, or it didn’t happen.

Where you going to be staying?
We’ll start posting you meat pies now so it’s all stocked up when you get here.

Hey guyz, I’m going to be in Melbourne in March. Hope I get to meet Polly!

Both cities sticker-bomb’d with meat pie mother fucker stickers pleeeeeease

Hope he brings his Icarus for actual lolz

Dicarus Downunder?

you mean for actual crickets

oh lol

you work hard at affirming just about every american sterotype don’t you

it would be a smart move by cannondale if they did. Tap in to the hipster/fixie market while it is still around.