Cannondale Track '93

Finally finished restoring my cannondale track '93

I really like this bike.

would not change a thing, perfect.

Very pretty indeed

Looks great.

Really clean and nice build. Black Shamals look sensational.

Don’t lie Mr Matt(e) Black All The Things

So good. I’ve always liked that blue. Tight build, well done.

Yeah bloody nice

wow~ i like this bike!

I better get my one built up too! But man, it’s surely gonna be difficult to top this one!

Full marks

Well played, very nice.

nah not this, love that colour.


is good.

Those shamals :cool: ! Great build loving the panaracers!

thanks guys, much appreciated

I also really enjoy this bike :smiley:

Doesn’t get much better! Nice touch with the campy seat clamp.

Wow… Bit of a holy grail frame