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Rare 1993 Cannondale Track Pista Fixed Gear Bike Frameset 54cm Tange Shimano | eBay

a friend of mine had one of these. Such a cool frame.

Gonna sell for a small fortune in that size.

Cool frame but how bad is all that touch up paint?!

are these frames similar to the gear colossi frames in that they are actually aluminium wrapped in a laminate rather than painted?

Just curious

I’d much rather buy one with the paint chips, adds character.

I feel like you kind of have to make the chips yourself, otherwise it’s just someone elses fucked old bike…

“Original Tange forks” doesn’t mean they are original to a 1993 Cannondale.

Very true. If you get the stories and history off the previous owner then i guess you’re the next chapter.

Colossi are painted who said they are wrapped in vinyl?

looks the part though

Mmmmm, dat gap

mines not. pretty sure gypsy said something about them when I bought it

What? Now even I’m confused.

might have totally made it up in my head.

the one I have has a thin cover of some material (not paint) over raw aluminium. It’s peeling off at the contact between seat tube and seat post collar. Will grab a photo, maybe I’m wrong

Candy clear, its tinted clear coat over raw alloy. Cannondale track is painted.

coooool. my bad. carry on drooling over the cannondale

wow, folks losing their shit, and reserve still not met. didn’t realise they fetched this much.

I saw one being advertised on tumblr for $1,200 a month back. Not sure if he got it, but that is how hyped they are.