Can't Edit posts in this forum?

Hi, I’m having a problem with the forum software. I’m unable to edit my posts when on my PCs. However I was able to do it on my Android phone.

The problem is it hangs after clicking the save button, or the ‘go advanced’ button. I just get the busy mouse cursor and nothing happens until i press cancel.

I’m running Win7 Ultimate 64 bit, Google Chrome & i have tried ie8 (32 & 64bit).

Can anyone help me out?

test: fixed theme

I think Snail has found the cause. I changed the forum style to ‘forum default’ and it looked really pretty with a funky upside down opera house background.

Tested on Chrome & Firefox on my laptop

This happens on my home computer as well, Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8.

Same on iPad
i just changed the forum skin (to fixed) and can now edit.

I can edit posts using safari on my iPhone (iPhone 4, 6.0), and iPad (iPad 2, 6.0) and Firefox on my PC running Windows 7 (I think).

EDIT: I just edited this then to add iPad.

EDIT (again): I’ll get in contact with nickj and se if he can look into it.