Canyon Bikes in AUS

Noticed this week Canyon are shipping to AUS now… whatcha all think?
I’d be only interested in the framesets but most of them are ‘coming soon’.
The pricing isn’t a competitive as I expected (given web based, reduced overheads etc)

I know they do track bikes, but can’t find any on the website, so a bit disappointed.

Yes they will be operating within Australia. Had a shitload of ads up for jobs within Canyon Australia not so long ago. I’d expect more details to come available soon.

A concept store is in the works I hear and not to far away.

Track bikes haven’t been on there for a long while mate. I think they’ve dropped the v-drome from their line up. Is a shame, was such a cool bike to look at/ride. Was pretty sad when I got rid of mine.

You’re going to see a lot of people on aeroads in 2016 with 3cm of spacers under the stem. That front end is lowwwwwwwww

I was in contact with them prior to them coming into Australia discussing a job but as they decided for Melbourne instead of Sydney it didnt work out.
I dont think they’ll open a concept store, as far as I know they will do some kind of road shows and stuff, like being present at the TDU.
I like their bikes, especially the look of them, but I do think Giant is just as competitive and you can buy them locally. Being German and knowing Canyon for a looong time now I also dont think I’d like to buy a bike online without major advantages that they currently dont offer imho (you cant even amend stem length or anything in this regard). They are great bikes though and everyone getting one (stock is an issue) will be happy ever after.

They’re essentially a German/Euro Giant - heard from those who work with Giant marketing that there’s considerable design cooperation and probably some manufacturing too. Really like the crispness of their designs though - frothing on a mate’s Aeroad…

Can’t wait for the bargains on Bicycle Market in 6 months time.

Interesting. I am over there close to their headquarters in October to get married. I may just pay them a visit.

My brother and uncle each have one of their MTBs and swear by them. They do look pretty damn good.

I’ve heard there won’t be a retail point/store, but there’ll be designated service centres in major cities, so you purchase online and pick up from your local service provider… I would assume service providers are doing fits if needed, surprised you cant change stem length, particularly on bikes like the aeroad with integrated stem/bar?

Can confirm I am already saving up for a aeroad. So hot!

Freds gotta Fred

I saw an aero road in the flesh at racing the other week, bloody hell it was nice I had serious bike envy.

There goes any hope of them being distributed for reasonable price and not by dickheads. The cycling distro industry in this country is pretty fucked.

Any news on a Brisbane service center / affiliated store? My work mate is interested in a MTB from them.

I will ask but I haven’t heard anything yet

The paint on this looks great.

It does… your size too bro :wink: