Am looking at getting a batch of blank cycling caps. 500 makes it worth while so if anyone wants to take some let me know. Pick you colour or colour combo.
Between $2.75 and $3.90 each delivered depending on numbers.


cycling caps are the only thing that doesnt look terrible on my huge :frowning: head, i’d probs get a few

Can you get black with a black stripe made of sequins down the center? :evil:

id be up for a few,
what kind of style of cycling cap?
what material?

your goatee is really coming along nicely.

I am interested also.
Have you got a link to a product page?

great site i just got me some cycling leather chaps

Obligatory ‘fair wear’ status request?

we’re not all bleeding-heart small-l liberals but some of us are

(yes I know my bike was probably made in the PRC or the American Protectorate of Taiwan, I cry pure tears of crude every day over it)

20 thanks if it’s around $3 / cap


Ok then,
Price is $3.90US deliverd to me so that is the price you pay for bulk lots(10 or more)
I will start buy ordering 100 all black, 100 all white, 100 black with 2 white stripes (bruz club style), 100 in black and white 1/4rd up like the assos caps. If anyone wants to add to this then PM me before wed. I will email my order through on thursday.
I am also getting a heat press to apply logos myself and can arrange to have sheets done for others.

Caps have been ordered.

  • all black
  • all white
  • Black with 2 white stripes
  • black and white 1/4 panels
  • white with black peak and checkered strip down the middle.
    As mentioned anyone who wants to do a print run or do a bulk lot I will do them for what they cost. Dibs have already been placed on about a 1/3.
    Due second week of Oct.

Can you hook me up with one of each Evan?

was mucking around on illustrator today and thought this might look cool on a cap:

i reckon would look ok on the underside of the brim. was pretty rough and quick though

Nice work I’d love to have a T-shirt with this design. Bring it on!

shame the address is actually though

Come on, only a small error! the antichrist

There we go… fixed. pun not intended.







Caps are done and being sent to me next week.
All those that want a bulk lot please give me a PM.
Price will reflect the crashing aussie dollar.

Caps came in last week.
100 getting printed for the BFF this week. They sutffed up the Bruns cycle club ones but the others are fine.
If you want to print them them PM me.
Some setup already done.