Caption Competition??

TC: “I eat cannibals”
EM: “If I give you some medicine, you’ll know you’ve been medicined, little boy”

TC: “I could so kick your ass right now”
EM: “What a punk, I could so kick his ass right now”
Guy in centre: “I have a name tag”

It’s actually a full-body shot. In their hands they are wielding dildos and about to have a dildo-off, which is why the guy in the red top is looking down eagerly and has his tongue sticking out, while the kid in the white top is wondering what the fuck is going on.

TC: “All your dildos are now belong to us Eddie”
EM: “Damnit knave, it’s Mr Mercx to you!. Let me just adjust my dildo then we’ll get down to business.”
RedTop: "Can I p ppplay too?

TC: I can ride bikes!
EM: Meh … I can ride 'em and sell that shit for millions.
Red shirt guy: Crap … I shouldn’t have skipped that “learn to ride a bicycle” class in “Bike-shop-sales-dude School”.

TC: “”
EM: “”

no words were spoken, it was a staring comp
hard to tell who won, TC looks more serious but EM is a master

EM: My lawyers have calculated that you owe me $200k in royalties for use of my trademarked image
TC: Can we perhaps work out a payment plan, are you interested in used chainrings perhaps?

TC: Will you endorse my t-shirt line?
EM: You’re like the son I never had, Axel is nothing to me


s ss stutter

(I sold the 'book on eBay before anything went wwwrong)

Word on the street is that you have some black reflective tape Mr blakey…?

I wasn’t sure if anyone would get the p-p-p-powerbook.

The word is right, not sure how much is there (not much), but I’ll have a look and Nath can bring it back with him.

as pictured here (3rd bike back):

and here:

for the daylight (stealth) mode. :slight_smile:


Red Shirt: This tension makes me so hot right now…

How about:

Red Shirt: “Wow, they’re both pretty impressive!”

TC: “Check this cake I baked for you Eddie, it’s in the shape of a chainring!”
EM: “Thats shitpoor TC. I just flushed one down the crappa that was better than that”
Red shirt: “Mmmmmmm cake”