carbon frame ??

i have picked up a carbon frame and want to know if anyone knows if you can sand back the clear coat and paint to have just bare carbon?? i know this is a strange question but i needed to ask.

any help would be great

Yes. It requires some patience and skill.

Like heatseeker says, it can be done but you have to be very careful not to sand the carbon fibre itself. I wouldn’t do it myself.
And if you do manage to sand it back perfectly, you’ll have to either paint or clear coat it again to seal it from the elements, especially UV.

what about lightly sanding the frame and respraying it another colour? would 2000 grit sand paper be the best bet ??

If you just want to break the surface of the clearcoat to apply another colour you would be better off with something like 800 to give the next coat something to key into. 2000 is more for cutting back a clear/colour coat before polishing.