Carbon Reeems take 2

So old mate didn’t pull through and I’m guessing there’s a lot of people that still want rims, wheels ect. Let me know what yas want and i’ll try get the ball rolling. Be serious though, i don’t wanna get a G’d up then have everyone pull out.

We still talking about these?

What sort of prices will they be?

I’m guessing prices will be determined by the number we order but I’m guessing $200 a rim. $400 wheel. Maybe :?

How much are these things going for? Couldn’t find a price anywhere

Yeah, I’d like to know the prices too.

I am interested in a couple of carbon tubular rims. 50+mm deep and drilled 28 hole.

i would love a five spoke or trispoke 650cc if possible and how much?




I’ll be sending off some emails this week so I should have prices soon if the language barrier doesn’t kill me. I’ll keep you all posted.

I am sure they will be of great enjoyment to be doing some corrporationing with you.

I love the ching-lish speak from the chinese manufactures.


also interested depending on prices, if you have time mind pm’ing me some details. Ta Steve

I’d be down for a front 700c…braking surface yay or nay?

depends on braking surface and price. though ultimately. good job though looking into it.