Carbon road forks - Columbus, Enve, others?

I’m looking to upgrade the forks on a steel singlespeed frame. Current forks are carbon but cheap ebay ones as far as I can tell.

I would like to run 28mm tyres. Current forks fit a 28mm Conti 4-season but not a true 28mm.

I’m looking at the Columbus Minimal on Wiggle for around $250: Columbus Minimal Road Forks | Rigid Forks |

Anyone have experience with these? Curious about clearance in particular.

I’d rather not fork out the $ on Enve. And some of the other brands have too bold graphics. The bike is clear coated stainless and very understated - hence, the Columbus Minimal look the goods.

What else might I be looking at with good clearance for 28mm tyres? NB road caliper brakes.

For the price, the Columbus Minimal looks pretty good. Enve is stupid $$

I have an unbranded carbon fork that looks pretty similar to a minimal. New, unused (rattle canned black) - clears 28mm pasela

PM if ya keen.

Also worth noting I have the actual Columbus minimal fork on my all city. It’s very very good (also has pasela in 28 on it)

I have an older (the bird brand on the shoulder) uncut minimal on a salsa pistola (FWIW more or less a traditional sized 60 cm true temper OX platinum) running 28mm schwalbe ones with open pros.
Doubt could go any larger due to height. Nice fork and seems to suit the frame better on rough roads than the original Alpha Q CS10 which had a steel steerer.

Alright thanks looks like the minimal is a good buy. Droz thanks for the unbranded offer, but I’m already running some unbranded ones and was looking for the upgrade.