Carbon Track forks

I’m going to be getting a steel track frame built, but will be running a carbon track fork.

According to my googling and checking most of the regular online stores, carbon track forks seem to be pretty scarce.

So far, I can find Alpina’s and Roselli’s which look pretty much identical at that $270-290 range.

I don’t like wound up’s, and can’t find the straight columbus track forks (un-drilled) either.

Pro tips? Rake isn’t too much of a concern as the geo can be altered to accommodate my choice.

I’d be looking at
On quick glance they all drilled and no lower rake carbon options. Surly you can fill the hole when you colour match anyway?

44mm head tube or straight 1 1/8? I’m assuming 1/1/8 the alpina and Leader do a 28mm if you want true track.
Who’s building it?

I put a leader on my MASH, it’s rad and chunky… they do come in around $400 but from memory but that was a few years ago. GEAR got it in for me, give those clowns a call :wink:

1 1/8 is preferred, but I could go tapered (don’t like the look of the columbus tapered HT though).

Geoff Scott will be builder.

My angus is peppered

Have you looked at Easton forks? I would suggest Alpina forks they seem to make forks that suit every occasion.

I don’t get it?

Anyway, after looking at a few different forks at the track on Friday night, I will be going with the Roselli.

It looks pretty much identical to the Alpina, it’s the same price as the Alpina, the only difference is that it’s local. That works for me.

I’ll share some more detail when I catch up with Geoff on 4 July.

At times like thisUrban Dictionary is your friend.

My bad…I’m excited to see your bike when it’s built was my intended sentiment.