Carbon Track

You can get a Kinchrome 2-24Nm 1/4" drive one from Bunnings for about $75. Click-type, easy to use, works a treat.

yehhh i love it!

i just noticed the 09 jnr points race world champion is still using one of these frames rebadged dynatek

if it is good enough for him, it is good enough for us

here is a $500 frame painted up and selling for 2700 euros!

Stevens Arena Track Frame -

I can’t believe the reaction here - do people really think these frames are any different to any other carbon frame?

And the price tag is reasonable. This dude has saved you the trouble of shopping around on the internet and waiting for this to come from asia etc.

And finally, any person with a penchant for their own health would do a full rebuild on any second hand bicycle - carbon or not - you can also crack a steel frame by over-tightening the seat binder bolt.

Don’t be scared of carbon! :slight_smile: