Carbon Track

54cm Carbon Track Bike (eBay item 160543723048 end time 14-Feb-11 17:10:16 AEDST) : Sport

Carbon track?

99% sure that is one of the $400 crabon frames from China. I wouldn’t be going anywhere near that shit.

$1500 BIN??? Probably cost about $700-800 to put it all together, that’s one hell of a profit margin.

It’s definitely one of those Chinese carbon frames, but I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with that. The ones I’ve seen in person (but haven’t ridden) looked fine, and I’ve never heard anything bad about them.

$680 for the frame plus shipping, then there’s the cost of a saddle, wheels, headset, stem, handlebars, drivetrain. $1500 sounds like quite a reasonable price. There’s a bike store East of Melbourne selling the frame alone for $1400.

I still want that frame, oh maaaaaaaan

you can buy the same frame with hillbrick ot TWE decals on it for thousands of dollars

“Custom Carbon Track Bike”… worth asking him where he got it ‘custom’ built.

ive got a frame and fork same as this i cant be fucked with if you wanna buy one (or any1 else) perfectly fine its just i dont ride it as ive got a bridgestone phm-9

It’s not the same as the Hillbrick carbon frame.

I thought “custom” just meant “please please please bid on my eBay bike, it’s so trendy and cooooooool”.

same as last year’s, they are using a different chinese open mould frame this year

Ah, I see.

That is a good buy if you want to race track.

If it wasn’t so hideous I would have one of these frames. Pity they don’t offer something with a more traditional geo like a Dolan Seta.

I’ve read plenty of stories about rough finishes, misaligned components, crap embedded under the resin, steerer tubes removing from the fork crown, rough facings. I’ve also read plenty of stories of people who put up with these shortcomings due to the price difference between these frames and name brands. I’m not saying that these things don’t happen with more expensive name brands but you bet your arse the QC and aftermarket service will be better. I did the research because I was interested in buying one and decided against it based on what I read.

Frame AU $680 Ebay
Cranks $117 Chain Reaction
Wheels $180 Velomine (Velocity Deep V instead of Mavic CXP33, pretty equivalent though)
Stem, bars, BB, headset, pedals, saddle, tyres ~$250

$1227.00 if you get everything new, I was basing my $800 price on the $400 road frames by the same guys and using second hand components, didn’t realise that the track frames were more expensive.

$1500 at a bike shop is still exy in my opinion, but at least you’d get some kind of warranty or aftermarket service. The difference here is that some nobody has assembled all of this stuff in his back shed. Do you know if he used a torque meter to install the components, or is the seatpost going to snap off from over or under tightening? Were the components sourced new, or did they come from other builds, second hand, etc. Assembling a crabon bike requires more experience and specialised tools than a backyard steel conversion.

This is not value, it’s a fucking rip and I’m sad that nobody else called it out as such.

Why pay that much when you can get a Bianchi for next to nothing?

Bianchi (copy) fixie, fixed, track, pista complete 52cm (eBay item 250770466543 end time 13-Feb-11 19:53:37 AEDST) : Sport

That’s Goose’s auction. If I remember right he made the “Bianchi” (acutally a VISP) for his missus. Pretty nice ride.

Edit: Realised that he’s written all that info into his auction… ooops.

Totally agree it is a rip off - but I have nothing against those frames. In the cases that I have heard of where there have been problems, they have replaced/remade the frame.

This I agree with, and would say is much more important than the components used.

Totally. My lack of a good torque wrench is one thing that has kept me away from carbon.

bottom bracket flex is the main gripe i have heard from plenty of people, Slow to climb and scary to descend,
A cinelli vigorelli would kill this thing their so stiff and so cheap.

^ El Cabron in general or these bikes? This one shouldn’t be doing too much climbing/descending - apart from the 40odd degrees through the banks and that don’t count. Admittedly flex is not ideal when sprinting.

The road version of these frames found on ebay but i’m sure these would as well. o it dosnt climb or descend but sprinting would kill it or the rider.