Career Change.

Teaching just isnt for me!

After some work experience, talking around, researching and the rest I am 99% sure the next phase is an apprenticeship in Electrotechnology.

Anyone on here current/ex apprentice’s? would love to hear your advice, stories, recommdendations.

Thanks in advance!


The Navy is always looking.

I did a screenprinting apprenticeship for four years,. The money was shit, my bosses were cunts and I worked some shit hours in horrible conditions.

I enjoyed printing t-shirts and learnt how to do it “properly” though.

Seriously - it takes four years to learn how to do that? Shit!!

My advice - don’t do anything that puts you in a suit and an office 100 hours a week… Trust me.

That was goign to TAFE one day a week. I also leart how to screen print stickers, use semi-automatic machines, etc. There’s actually more to it than you think.

Mate not doubting at all that there is heaps to it! You still doing it?

Nah. I got sick of working for small businesses, especially when the boss was an absolute arsehole. I still have a small set up at home though, and occasionally dust it off to print t-shirts or CD covers for friends bands and stuff.

i was an apprentice
The pay was shit, bosses are generally just arseholes and you get the shitty jobs.
but after four years you get to complete the cycle and tease the crap out of a new kid.
seriously, if you can handle the pay cut, the government helps out for two years.
then its not the worste move. any employer respects a trade certificate.

i was halfway through an urban & regional planning degree at uni, while working part time as a planner. i hated being cooped up in an office writing reports, so i went to canada for a planned 1 month snowboarding and a semester in toronto to shake things up. i ended up living in guatemala and came home 18 months later, broke, 6 kg’s skinnier and with a smile on my dial.
not goin back to uni. i think i’m gonna apply for sparky apprenticeships.

I’m an apprentice chef. in my first year and not that it is what you want to do, im just saying apprentices get all the shit jobs and all the tedious work no one else wants to do for me its wash dishes and clean kitchens this is mainly in your first year gets better in your second.

but overall i love it so i would say do what you want to do as by the end of my first year i will be doing better things and things i like doing.

oh yeah and get ready to work long and hard hours. and someone will want to “break you”

i screenprinted for 2 years. got offered an apprnticeship, but had no desire to get paid less to learn just a few more things. most of it is learning thru experience.
i still work at the same place - the boss is actually pretty cool.
now i sit in an air-conditioned office in front of the computer for 75% of the day, while the screenprinters are all either freezing or sweating their arses off :- :evil:

i am a hairdresser and yes an apprenticeship is hard but at the end of it you are free no desk, no uniform, and for me the best bit is when you walk out the door THAT IS IT you don tthink about it agin till the next day. I have had my own salon and it made sure that when i had the chance to employ train people the envrioment was the best for me i had all my bike stuff set up out the back for when it quiet but taking a paycut to do an apprentice ship is hard now at 32 i need to be the bread winner for a family of 5 and i would love to be a teacher…swap? have you thought about trying to get work experiance in school holidays? might help to eliminate some possobilities.

Cheers for the tips!

I am a maths/science teacher so thats what has lead my interests toward the electrical field!

I have been accepting into a pre apprenticeship at box hill so its officially a go!

Cant wait to ditch the suit for some shorts!

Mate, I’m a qualified sparky.
Getting a trade and having a degree in teaching is never a bad thing, do ten years total as a sparky and you can go back to teaching when your knees and wrists clap out at 45 from doing hard work.
If your doing a trade, avoid group training like the plague. Get in with a private contractor that does everything, learn appliances, fault finding, data, renos, motor controls, refrig. Otherwise you really will be wasting your time and be back at square one hating life.
If you want to ask me any questions pm me, you get all your fees paid for, bonuses from the government every year and free tools from some construction fund, now is a good time to become a sparky.

i was practicly brought up to be in landscaping and reticulation, almost had my horticulture certificate when i bailed off 2 the uk and europe for 4 months, came back after 2 years i ended up spending 6 months in the uk, 4 in europe, 4 in mexico, 8 in guatelmala and the last 3 in san fran.

i cant say how much traveling will benefit you, but its a fuck off lot more fun than working, and fuck i came back a certified scuba instructor, so good by landscaping hahaha

caibs where about in guate did you spent the majority of your time??
and i can guess what that smile was fueled by hahaha

You could always be a ‘rent boy’.

ay gink haha how good is central america?
majority of my time in guate was antigua i scored a job managing the black cat hostel. didnt pay alot but you got free booze/food/accom so it was a bit of alright.
and i still managed to lose weight?!?!
how about you man, 8 months is a long time in a small place like that

this was our badass van me and a couple mates bought.

hahaha the black cat aye, all apart of the same family, i spent most of my time working as a scuba diver at la iguana perdida in santa cruz of el lago atitlan but bounced around all over the place. same deal free food and accom for workin the hostel and money for the divers i managed to convince to jump in that lake.

nice van
this is what i woke up to and had a beer to after a day of work every day.

sorry about the thread hi-jack

Are you in melb meekrat?