Carl Williams Dead

Apparently, bashed in prison just now…

I’m so dissapointed. :roll:

how often do people die in prison? obviously they’re reporting this one because it’s Williams, but how often does this happen? because I was thinking of going to prison, but after hearding about this I’m starting to have second thoughts.

Anyone else think this could be a result of recent media coverage regarding his income/ benefits from the state?

in my 4 or so years working inside prisons there would be a death maybe 1-2 times a year. and bashings weekly.

EDIT: im pretty sure this would have absolutely nothing to do with income/benefits from state. it would either have been personal or he owed some bad ass a packet of white ox.

didn’t turn it out enough. another piece of shit dies, who cares.
now we just need a braindead tv exec to bankroll a glorifying biopic of his life. oh wait, that happened already, right…?

damn straight it did! and it was awesome! so much better than watching fattys crying because they lost half their body weight.

yep already happened, and hope it happens again so we can see some more TITTIES!!!

[quote="Jr Dacks "]

yep already happened, and hope it happens again so we can see some more TITTIES!!![/quote]
Don’t forget the floppy willy in the shower rooting scene. Laugh? We nearly shat.

Article in The Age.

Detectives will investigate whether the attack was sparked by reports today that police had paid Williams’ daughter’s school fees.

Two plain-clothes police arrived at the home of Williams’ father, George, in Broadmeadows about 3.10pm.

The men, believed to be homicide squad detectives, were let into the property by an unknown man.

A friend of George Williams asked a reporter who knocked on the door to leave him alone.

Mourners gathered outside the house abused waiting journalists, one flashing his buttocks and another saying the media was responsible for Williams’ death.

One screamed at reporters, accusing the media pack of being ‘‘animals’’.

why can’t we all just get along

im not surprised that you remember that.

I took something different away after watching Tess of D’Uberville…

He was a fat boy anyway…whatever.
Probably never cycled more than a lazy 2k’s in his life.
One of those fat pricks in a 4x4 type.

Feelin’ a bit of fat hate over here kids

Hey CC, so long as you ride your bike, keep to relatively legal sources of income, don’t kill anyone, don’t wear bad shirts, and continue to be witty, you’re ok with me.

This is him right?

Definitely don’t give a fuck about that guy being beaten to death.

Apparently he got his head caved in with a exercise bike stem while he was sitting at a table. Are stems NJS in prison?

Should be wearing a helmet :slight_smile:

Carl Williams bought a rowing machine because the exercise bike did his head in.

Watching fattys cry = television gold.

LOL!!! (here’s a few more characters to lengthen the message)