cars sux shits

i drive mine maybe twice a month and the arsehole decided to snap a belt on victoria street, richmond at 8 this morning.

of course no one has them in stock and the mum is flying down from brisneyland tomorrow. i was supposed to take her ona chrissy day road trip.

anyone have any tips on dinking a 58 year old women on a fixie?

Gently and no sudden stops :mrgreen:

friend o mine drove around for a few weeks with a nylon stocking for a fan belt

fan belts are like seat posts… multiple sizes

i only had my fishnets handy, unfortunately.

Cars suck teh wang. I haven’t driven my since June so the battery is absolutely cactus. Tried push-starting it the other weekend in the searing heat down the busy road that i live on. The battery is too flat to even fire a spark plug or two. I really should get rid of it. Just don’t want to even think about the piece of shit.

I was wondering about putting BMX style pegs on my fixie. Does anyone know how you’d go about this? I assume you just need a solid axle or do the dropouts have to be strong enough as well?

My kid’s bmx uses 14mm axles - dunno if that’s standard for BMX, if so pegs probably won’t fit on your 10mm axles?

pegs come in a bunch o sizes and all are perfect for bending an axle when your lardy mate jumps on carrying a slab. still i’d be more worried about your wheel holding up, if you got a wheel that can take a beating, ‘dubbing’ (dinking in aus) your loved ones around is one of lifes great pleasures.

scrap that idea then