Carts Of Darkness

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Hell Yeah!

that is all manner of awesome!!!

YOu just watched the full hour at work didn’t you…


One of the best things I’ve ever seen.

Now that’s a big call.

I’d have to say the Sistine Chapel is the best thing I’ve ever seen, but Carts of Darkness probably finishes a close second.

most of it

the worst part is i sent it to all my collgeaues, so no one’s done anything all afternoon

How cool is the skate park philosopher.

Ive lived a sheltered life

Also, the Sistine Chapel is a fucking disgusting representation of the state of the world… but thats another story.

Saw a few minutes. Looks sweeeet! Will definitely watch at work this week.

Went to the premiere and have driven a couple of those hills. For those that have seen ‘The Revival’ there are some shots of people bombing mountain hwy (one of the straighter hills) fixed. It’s mental as its a long downhill grade.

The Q&A with the film maker at the end was very powerful. He covered what some of the people in the film are up to now (it was originally filmed a while ago so even more time had passed) and talked about some stories from the filming that didn’t make it into the film.

The main character (forget his name) was at the premiere but couldn’t deal with coming inside. He has some very real demons in his life.

The soundtrack features some very rad local bands.

For the skaters out there - all the photos that accompany the film were done by Scott Pommier and theres a great shot of him in a cart bombing one of the hills (looking kind of freaked out).