Cat vs Rabbit: Scavenger Blood Hunt

Riddles, confusion and a whole lot of swearing; its THE BLOOD HUNT!

Ten mandatory checkpoints
Four team checkpoints

option of registering in the all-vs-all standings and also the team standings.

all-vs-all will be just that. 10 loopy checkpoints and its all up to you to get the locations and answers. AvA will have first to third standings.
teams registering on the day will require a minimum of four people who are also registered for the AvA standings. only the fastest team (lowest average time) will win the prize.

at registration you will be given the manifest for the race, which will consist of a list of bonkers questions, a map, a spokecard and more race information.

all bikes will be welcome.

Dis going to be ace

4 Person teams are racing for a mini keg and some snacks hahahaha.
AvA will be $$$ prize