CATLIKE - Kompact Pro Helmets 10% off!

Catlikes have arrived! We have recently started stocking Catlike helmets. Currently we have 3 Kompact Pros in stock (White - MED, Red/Black/White - MED and Red/White/Carbon LGE) as modeled by our very content Catlike fan, Tara. We can also order in different colours and sizes if something in particular catches your eye.

As a special offer, we’re giving you all 10% off so they’ll be down to $180!

If you come in and mention that your saw this special on you’ll receive your discount. And yes, we can organise interstate purchases, just shoot us through an e-mail at

I like your shop.

emailed :slight_smile:

where’s the store at?

Google of course.

Human Powered Cycles

All white (MED) and Red/White/Carbon (LGE) are gone! Still have a Red/White/Black (MED) in stock. Will likely be doing a re-stock soon. If anyone’s interested in something in particular, shoot us an e-mail and we can add it to our order.

Rooster, are the suspension systems available separately? That plastic thing at the back with the little knob to tighten it around my bonce has broken on mine.

Off the top of my head, I’m not too sure. Happy to get in touch with the distributors when I’m back on Thursday and let you know though.

That would be great. Thank you.

No urgency.