Catlikes now in stock!!

Hello folks.

We are now stocking Catlike Kompact Pro and Catlike Whisper Plus.

All purchases have FREE SHIPPING, not to mention a FREE OWL!!!*

At the moment we are stocking the Kompact Pro in white and white/black and the Whisper Plus in matte black (because matte black is fucking awesome).

If you’re keen on another colour in the range, let us know and we can likely order one in for you.

Check them out:
Kompact Pro
Whisper Plus

I just bought one of the Kompact Pros, they’re good!!

*may or may not include a free owl

Oh man I need a new helmet, this is tempting.

they’re comfy, light, well ventilated, MATTE BLACK (if whisper plus), they don’t sit massive on your head, have an oz standards sticker, come with replacement pads…

The Whisper Plus is a lot a money for a lot of holes. Bloody nice though.

I love my kompact pro so much, really comfy and doesn’t make my head look masif. It is masif but.

I have a Whisper Plus in matte black.

I love it. It looks rad. Almost too rad… For mum and dad.


is your helmet tired, sweaty, been dropped one too many times? has it started to get that “not so fresh” feeling?

well then, do we have a sweet deal for you!!

for one week only (as in, COB Monday Sept. 10th) we have Catlike Kompact Pro helmets for $99.

to order, go here. DO IT NOW!!


fukkin bargain.

fuckin oath it is.

no one tells duggans mate lauren about this, she bought hers about a month ago…!!

why does the page note “free postage” but checkout throws shipping charges on?

because when we dropped the price from $180 we forgot to remove the free shipping text.

all fixed now, thanks for the heads up, sorry for the confusion :frowning:

sweet as - order placed

sorry, should’ve added that anyone that wants to pickup from The Electron Workshop (nickj’s other brainchild) can select to do so.

pick up address is:
31 Arden Street
North Melbourne 3051


good times.

just to make everything that liiiiiiiiittle bit easier, we’ve just added a pick up option when selecting postage.

not sure why we didn’t think of that earlier really…