CBD Salad help (Mel)

Got a thing for salad lately. Not a fan of Sumo and I suck at brown-bagging it. Any good salad bar tips within 1-15min walk of RMIT?

This Place is pretty close and seems like they sell plenty good RABBIT FEED!

edit: The joke is that rabbits eat salad.


I’d grab a Vietnamese salad in Swanston Street.

140 will. Cafe inside has about 10 diff salads on offer each day

Me too. And how fucking hard is it to get a simple lunch in the city these days??

May I suggest Health Cosmos in the lane that starts at Collins St next to Tiffany’s
Good simple food.

I’m gonna check this out. Is this 140 Swanston St?

140 Williams, I assume.

I’d rather get a good burger and ride the longer way home. Those salad bars with the stuff sitting around all day in the window can’t be healthy.

Oh right. Will. As in Williams. I get it. I get things.

Sure and that burger pattie hasn’t been sitting at room temperature for a couple of hours either, right?

That burger pattie was probably in far worse accommodation while it was still on the cow.

Having said that, I am currently dining on Nandos.

Just William. To be sure.

I had a burger for lunch today, it was pretty shit.
Should have got a salad.

lady at work brought me in leftover lasagne. was delicious.

Ha! Not at the classy burger joints I eat at!