CBR - Wear your helmet!

Just a heads up :wink:
Spoke to a couple bike cops todayin Civic, big crackdown on helmets at the moment apparently. One of em is giving out warnings the other says “stuff that” and has given about a dozen $61 fines today “without even really trying”.

On that topic, I’m in the market for a new helmet, I don’t really like the skate style one i own atm. Any suggestions?

Yeah, been seeing the bike cops a lot lately, now i know why.

Wonder if they are fussed about brakeless bikes like melbourne police?

Toodles, i think the only way to decide on a helmet is to try them on, they actually aren’t all the same shape and may not suit your head or style once on :mrgreen:

Cheers Ty, yeah was just wondering if people had any ideas re. value for money, brand preferences etc. The helmet I had before my current one was a Stackhat :slight_smile:

You out long tonight? Will try and make it in for a beer, If youre still around tomoro though we’re playing an early evening show, Indo earthquake fundraiser.

Try a bunch on in shops, then by the same helmet for cheaper from Wiggle (if you wanna buy a Met or Bell).

Cheers, yeah i went and looked at a couple Met helmets on my lunch break.
+1 on Wiggle, I’m still trying to figure out if Aus RRP are stupidly high or if Wiggle just price incredibly cheap

Wiggle = awesome


They seem to have stopped all exports of helmets to Oz (correct me if mistaken). Standards-compliance-thing. Many other overseas shops don’t give a rat’s.

Just FYI - insurance claims could be a headache (pun intended) if you have a bingle and your helmet doesn’t have an Australian Standards label in it.

Checked this out recently, from here:http://www.tams.act.gov.au/move/cycling
“An effective foot or hand operated rear wheel brake
is required. A front brake is optional, but is strongly

But a few other things I had overlooked that they could get you on:
“The law requires a bell, horn or similar warning
device. Please use it.”
“A red reflector must be fitted to the rear”

don’t know if they enforce these with fines…

I have a voicebox. Is that a warning device?

I’ve got a protec skate lid, cost me $80. Very comfortable, I’ve stacked on dirt many a time and its saved my head. Lots of colours too. I got a lime green one

Otherwise, Met, Giro, Specialized, Lazer, Rjays etc. do some very nice aero/normal helmets

They cost a lot more though. You get what you pay for though, especially with your head

Cool, thanks for the tips guys!

Is that the case? I was of the impression those helments are more expensive because of the design, which is supposed to be more aero. Any non crashed helmet with the ticks should be fine for protecting your head.

I was just giving him some options as food for thought since he said he didnt like skate lids much…

My skate lid gives better protection than my ‘real helmet’ IMO, I was jsut going off what the manufacturers say

The thing with skate helmets is they are like wearing a beanie when riding. The cooling on them is farked up. Fox and Specialized do helmets that give more coverage whilst looking like an XC helmet.

Fox Flux:

Specialized Instinct:

That Fox helmet looks nice Ezy :slight_smile: Cheers!

The Fox Fluz is very popular actually, lots of people got em so that says something.

Not a big fan of the Specialized one though…I’m not the buyer atm so ignore me

Either way, I firmly believe it is better to wear a helmet, whatever brand it is.

I’ve cracked a helmet coming off my bike at around 40kmph. No time to react, which was probably a good thing or I could have done my arm in the process.

Some people say that a helmet doesn’t stop your head from the concussive impact. Fair enough, I won’t dispute that, but I will say it does lower your chances of getting a fractured skull from a crash such as mine.

Really? I got a Met helmet from Wiggle about 3-4 weeks ago.

EDIT: Just checked, they’re still sending Met’s to Australia.

Yeah they may send them. But this year I had a run in with an insurance company. They said that they would not have supported me if my helmet wasn’t Aussie compliant, WITH an Aussie sticker in it.

I actually just returned a new helmet to an ebay seller because he didn’t state it was a US standard helmet (trying to make a dollar out of Aussie buyers after a holiday in the US!!).

The other benefit buying local is that if you do crash and damage the helmet, companies like MET have a half price replacement policy. Doesn’t work if you buy it overseas.

Just my 2c.

I guess.

I just know that my helmet was over $145 cheaper online. It’s exactly the same helmet.

I’ll stick the Aust Standards sticker from my broken Specialized helmet inside it if need be.

Yep, definitely the way to go!