cecil vs paconi vs custom decals

So after being pretty unimpressed by an s-works roubaix that I had for the weekend, I think custom steel is the way to go.

Cecils say they can do me a frame in two weeks (which is a lot better than the 6 they said on the phone). Cecil’s frames are nice enough and my dad has a couple which he’s pretty pleased with. the problem is that Cecil’s decals are hideous. I know that Paconi builds their frames but I gather they don’t really deal with the public in that regard. Is this correct?

I’ve seen a few bikes with paconi decals which i think are a lot nicer. does anyone know if they’re happy to put these on instead?

Does anyone know about custom decals? Not sure what I’d get at this stage but reflective decals sound like a pretty sweet idea.

Yeah reflective and yeah Paconi.

The Paconi Factory is just around the corner from my work. I dont know the phone number but it is on Macbeth Street in Braeside. I popped in once by surprise after seeing one of our suppliers next door. He does heaps of custom paint jobs. If i can i will pop by and get his details for you.

I had a chat to Paconi about getting some painting and frame repairs done.

The guy I spoke to said that they were happy to deal direct with the public. They outsource their painting however, but it’s still OK.

I ordered my Paconi roadie through Terry Hammond in Highett - Paconi don’t generally deal directly for frame builds but do for repairs and paint - sort of depends on how busy they are at the time. If you ring Kevin Wigham (Wiggo) at Paconi he’ll tell you who they like to sell through in your part of town. I went in to see him to talk about tubesets etc and then ordered through Hammond, but that was nearly 5 years ago.

A lot of Cecil’s bikes are built by Wiggo, as are most of John Kennedy’s branded bikes. Like you, I went to cecil’s and kennedy and decided that If I was going to have a Paconi I’d like it to have paconi decals on it, thanks very much.

My Pac Roadie:

Built for strength and has served me well.

If you’re after something sturdy but not special Paconi/Cecil/ is the way to go. If you want something a bit special there are other Melbourne framebuilders that might be worth a look but not as cheap or quick. Daryl Perkins (Shane Perkins’ dad)is one - fantastic quality work but it’s not his day job so don’t be in a hurry. Or try Matt at Kookie for something different. Of course there’s always BAUM (drool) and don’t forget Hillman.

Sounds like I should start a frame builder’s thread instead. I do want something soon. But I’d rather something I’m in love with.

Just on the decals, I think Paconi started to base their style around SCAPIN a few years ago, simple, smart.