Cecil Walker Fitzroy...

…closing down?

Anyone been in to see if there’s good deals?

Thought I saw a BMC in the window reduced to $1500.

Was driving so couldn’t tell you specifics but looked to be reduced from $3*** somethin…

could that be a frame and fork?

pretty sure it’s already long gone but that is just hear say.

what is? the BMC? was in the window 30 minutes ago…

no i thought the shop was already closed. Obviously wrong.

5 days to go according to the signs on the doors.

So tempted to drive all that way if there is a BMC so heavily marked down… Is anyone in the area able to check what they have?

give em a call, phone deposit?

What, does nobody read the discount voucher code thread anymore?


Was drinking hipster coffee and buying flowers yesterday and saw the BMC in the window , $2099 was on the ticket.

ah ok, maybe it was $1500 off.

oh well, still seems decent.

I had a look in there on Saturday and there was nothing that really took my interest.
They were still reasonably stocked with bits and pieces, most well discounted, stop in if you’re in the area.

Got a nice new pair of sidi shoes for 100