Cell Dunc Carbon Track

Cell has their carbon track frame called the ‘Dunc’. Retails just over $1k. A google search reveals very little info online.

Does anyone here ride one/ridden one/got a mates who rides one etc?

I had a look at one today. Seems nice. It was lighter than I expected. I didn’t get the chance to ride it, but I"m interested.

They are just a rebranded Azzuri, and many other names.

I have ridden one (the ‘azzuri’ version) on the street and it was plenty stiff. Seem to be a few on the boards so they must go all right.

I’m pretty sure about 10 companies use this mold,
As long as the front end angles and fork are right it should be sweet.
Don’t worry about weight all the good track bikes weigh heaps.

Thanks for answers. Appreciated

Saw a few people riding them at the xmas carnivals. If they are identical to an Azzurri (as above), then they’re definitely race proven. Somewhere in the vicinity of $1k sounds reasonable too. That’s about what I paid for my China carbon track frame which is likely not to be as nicely finished as the Cell frames.

560 is the biggest top tube they have listed, but angles look good

Thanks for the feedback guys. I ended up finding a Dolan DF3 for a good price so jumped on that. Cell had the Dunc for $899 last month and I’m pretty sure they only have a few left in the large. The North Fitzroy shop has one on display and I got the feeling they’d like to see it move.