cell fixie

has anyone here gotton on board with one of the cell cing1e’s?. Lets hear about it . Good ,bad ugly. How easy do those decals come off. And how are major taylos at speed?

i got one for a friend and i was surprised how nice they are.

great for the price and the stickers come off real easy, just peel.

its a simple black ss/fixed bike

nice .how assembled was it ?

my mate’s got one, looks really nice, and rides nice too.

only thing that wasnt great is one of the rear dropouts bent

Although i haven’t seen one, i reckon they are a great little package at that price.

i ordered mine at lunch on tuesday and it was arrived this morning :slight_smile: it’s my first fixie so i won’t have anything to compare against but i’ll let yas know how it go with it.

cool lucky man i’m workin’ till 8.30pm tonight, if your out drop past the shop i would love a look .

1 convo over two threads… haha… yeah man, i’ll swing by after work and show it off… i’m pretty stoked.

the bike came mostly assembled, only had to put the pedals, headset, bars, brake handle and front wheel. drive train was setup but not tight, so a quick twist of the spanner sorted that. rear wheel had tensioners on there. the bike has a flip-flop hub but no cog on the free wheel side (BYO). stickers came off real easy but there were a few scratches on the frame.

I’m tossing up between getting a flite 100 or the cell for my first fixie,

Thoughts, ?

I prefer the Cell over the KHS in terms of aesthetics, but does the extra cash get some better componentry on the Flite? Spending the ol’ stimulation package, huh? :wink:

Similar again is <a href=“http://www.europacycles.com.au/catalog/item/6096306/5951892.htm”>Europa’s s/s</a> where you get plenty of options on the components. Not sure how they stack up to the aformentioned models.

Ahh, link here: http://www.cellbikes.com.au/p_2207_CELL__Cing1e_FIXED_GEAR_TRACK_BIKE__A_Fixie_For_The_Streets_or_Velodrome for anyone that hasn’t seen them.

Apparently they have a Courier style cross" brake lever and style handlebars". Seem to have a relaxed-ish geometry. Sealed bearings, and you can’t go wrong with Chromo for street bikes :slight_smile: I think easily removable decals are cool, not sure about ``UnMarked" stealth though… perhaps the bike cops need that?


The Europa just looks like a road frame (note drop outs and derailleur hanger).

Yeah, interesting…they have changed the product image since last time I had a look, it used to be a basic black frame, now it’s gone all fancy with the graphic rims and radial spoking.

The Cell bikes aren’t too shit for the price. They’re definitely small in size though. The 56 a mate bought was a 53cm seat tube c-c, and closer to a 55 tt.

Components aren’t too bad, pretty standard cartridge bearing hubs, Elita cranks, alloy cage pedals, flat bar. We swapped the shitty grips out for some lock-ons and replaced the rear wheel nuts with proper track nuts. The only other thing that needs replacing immediately is the toes clips, as the plastic ones are shithouse.

The frames feel really, really flimsy when you pick them up. Not sure how it translates when you’re actually putting any power down but I imagine they’d be quite flexxy.

Either way, not bad for the price.

I just fixed up my KHS, its been unridable for months now. Anyway, i forgot how nice the bike is, i mean its not the best bike ive ever ridden, but it’s much tighter than the Cell, real stiff, and rides nicely, i’d recommend the KHS over the cell, just because of the frame, oversized Reynolds tubing.