Everybody rode their bike to work today didn’t they…

I’m going to try and ride on my rollers while filling mine in online tonight. Anything to try and make it more interesting.

Nah, I took my vintage X-34 landspeeder.

they didn’t even deliver me a census, i had to call up and get a id number sent to my phone.i bet i won’t get it till after the online census closes anyway. but yeah, even though i’m taking a sick day today, i rode to work :slight_smile:

And for the love of no god, don’t write Jedi. Shit wasn’t funny back in 2001 and it isn’t funny now. If you don’t practice religion write “no religion”.

I always ride to work.

Also I plan to put Fugazi or Math Rock down as my religion. I haven’t decided yet.

I thought Jedi was funny - but I was young and impressionable in 2001… plus Triple J told me to do it

they keep saying humanism is a religions! It is not!


I was gonna go with snake handler

If you put any silly religion, you get classed as ‘other’, and don’t help to keep religeon out of politics, or something.

I’m going for “Pastafarian” this year, the idea of an afterlife with a stripper factory and a beer volcano is great.


Man wins right to wear colander in licence

just made it, minutes to spare.

at the end of the e-Census form you’re given an opportunity to do another questionnaire to give your feedback on the e-Census form. :rolleyes:

I rode the unicycle to work so entered as “Other”.

I was tempted to put bogan or bumpkin for my ancestry but managed to restrain myself. I put it down as Australian.