Centennial trail opening ride?

Hello Canberrans.

I have no idea who of you are still looking at these pages, but I was wondering if anyone knows when the Centennial Trail will open? I’m guessing in the Centennary year (2013) and I will be there for it. I would like to be able to tell my kids that my mates and I were the first people to ride a loop of it.

If you think I am jumping the gun a bit, you’re right… but I’m keen to get more buzz happening in the Canberra section of this forum :slight_smile:

And tomacropod, if you don’t reply soon to my email that I sent forever ago, I will take it to heart.

JP. I am very keen on riding it… I have been involved with a few bits and pieces for it so far. I will let you know when I can!

Super :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot mate. Are you doing traily stuff or visual-wizardry stuff for it?

I like the wizardry term, so lets go with that!

What is this centennial trail?

I have a 116 page document here which discusses what the centennial trail is… To summarise it, basically it is a link of trails that work its way in and around Canberra taking in sights etc. Here is a pic from the report which outlines the proposed trail.

I’m in, if it is not CX bike suitable can I borrow someones MTB?

Oh, its not open yet guys! It is a while off still.

Future me is still keen

Ha! Yeah, a while off but what a beautiful thing! Definitely a future ultra marathon course, too. Looking forward to getting on it. Indications are that cxbike will be more than enough

Just an update. When I said we have been working on bits and pieces. It wasn’t a great lot of stuff. BUT good news is that Swell has now been appointed with the Design for the project. Meaning I will be branding the trail and designing all the signage to go along with it. It is a pretty exciting job to be working on!

Anyway… here is an update!

Revised Centenary Trail alignment released


This looks pretty amazing - and i like that it appears to include options to go to the top of a few hills (or not)
The press release said early 2013, but surely they need some punters to go around a few times to check everything is ok…

Lucky! And by that I mean WE are the lucky ones to have you doing the signage… I cant think of a single better person to do it.

I got an email yesterday with an update including the responses to comments lodged. Feb 2013 sounds totally do-able and they sound confident. Was great to see the calls for including equestrians shouted down.

Liam, do you take private commisions for T-shirt designs? Like, I give you a couple of words and general idea for logo, and you make it into wonderful?

Totally. They got their way with Stromlo Forest Park and stuffed up a lot of the plans. In the however many times I have been there, I have only seen one horse rider. Massive waste of time and money accommodating them.

I see a few on Mount taylor. It’s pretty funny, big beasts bearing down on the puffing cyclist. They make me nervous.
do you think a bike could beat a horse around the trail…

I think those horses that sit in the paddocks all day chewing on grass would have no chance. But the horses that appear in movies like Lord of the Rings etc where they ride them flat stick for days on end, they would probably beat us.

incorporate an aerospoke into the final design and i will buy you one (1) pint and give you a hug.

oh, and potentially come up and ride it/some of it with you.

CORC are all over it. Of course. Champions.

Canberra Off Road Cyclists Mountain Bike Club

Looks like a good ride. Anyone going or do you need to be a member?