CFC - Sprint Comp #2 - 19.02.2012

Hi all,

We have decided to hold a sprint comp (and it’s the second one!). Exclusive invite to all members, However it’s not in Sydney! get on the train, drive down or ride down: find Coniston!

19.02.2012 7pm @ Coniston Train Station for 8pm start
$5.00 Entry

Proudly sponsored by:

Cheeky Transport
Primate Frames
Visual Energy design

Thanks heaps to the sponsors and see you all on the night,



Sounds cool

Perfect recovery ride after the Cops and Convicts Alleycat!

Haha yea you can ride down there on your sweet fixies…

Go to the Cops and Convicts Alleycat and then come to the Sprint comp! Great weekend riding fixed! (however most of us are catching the train down!!! knees aren’t as good as they use to be to make it down fixed)

Lorday you in?

I’m gonna kick ya fixie next time I see it Zmiley

Haha don’t hurt your foot big H

Sorry Alex, I actually have to work til 7 on sunday.

What exactly is the Coniston Sprint Centre? What distance are the sprints over? Too many unknowns for my poor head.

The Coniston Sprint Centre (CSC) is a hidden track within the streets of Wollongong. In basic terms it is as follows:

  • 200 m to a roundabout
  • go around the roundabout
  • then 200 m back to the finish line
    Were a victorious win will be showered with beer…

No porbs Alex, see you at Cops and Convicts

I’ll be heading down with my Roadie… I can’t wait to be showered in beer!