chain bakin' "Redux"

Following on from Nath’s inspirational cooking post about baking chains. Has anyone tried the following:
[li]chain in a George Foreman Grill[/li][li]chain in a blender[/li][li]chain in the washing machine[/li][li]chain on a ‘ab-blaster’ or anyother late night ‘infomercial’ product[/li][li]chain as a set of anal beads[/li][li]chain with moroccan spices[/li][li]teaching a chicken to clean a chain[/li][li]chains that inspire world peace[/li][/ul]

I’ve ran out of ideas…


Why did the chain cross the road?

Hasn’t got anything to do with a chicken and a set of anal beads has it?

Before or after they have been baked?

if i say yes to the anal beads idea, does that make me a sick individual?
not that i have of course, i was just asking as i was curious…
no really