chain cleaning on the bike

how do people clean their chains on the bike without loosing fingers?

my first try today and i’ve got a hole in my finger!

Have a couple of options:

1: Remove bike from chain then clean.
2: Use other hand next time.
3: Have someone else clean it for you.
4: Do it slower next time.
5 My fav: Buy a KMC Cool Chain (1/8th") which will make bike removal a lot easier via the quick link.

If these fail then just don’t clean it (which I suppose could suffice for option 6?)…

Use a chain cleaner?

Then you just put a hole in the chain cleaner, not your hand, in the event of an accident.

all good ideas guys. i see now why some people don’t clean their chains.

all fun and games till someone looses a finger

Just buy a new chain :-o

yep cheaper than fingers

this is more relevant to non fixed, but works perfectly for fixed as well. only reason i say non is due to wear.
have two chains that are identicle. same make model, # of links.
when you do your weekly wipe down (you do do a weekly wipedown, right?) take off the chain on the bike and drop it into a lidded icecream container of kerosene. put the container next to the place you park your bike.
every day when you park your bike, shake the icecream container a few times to move the chain and kero.
around thursday, take the chain out of the container and hang it up to dry.
on sunday when you do the wipe down, take off the chain you are using for that week, replace it with the chain you have just cleaned, and lube as normal.
this means you have a nice clean chain, with minimal fuss or bother, and you keep to a good regular routine for cleaning.
using the same type of chain minimises having to do too many wheel adjustments, and if you run brakes, brake adjustments.
it’s the system i use for my work bike, and i usualy get about 12-14 months out of the 2 chains, doing around 100K a day, most of it really stop start city work.
by removing the chain, you also give yourself the best opportunity to wipe down the chainring and sproket as well. keeps everything clean, and lets you see if you have any burrs that need filing off the chain ring while you are there.
works for me.

One question Lupine: When you take the chain out the kero and hang it, all the grease has come off obviously, but do you have any hassles with the chain starting to rust up leaving for a few days? Or do you spray it at all?

A thin layer of kerosene will probably stay on the chain as it dries. I don’t think rust will be an issue.

Use diesel instead of kero.
Cleans and also leaves residual oil.

use caustic soda and hydrochloric acid and lime and lye mixed together.
cleans and leaves residual meat.

mmmmmm… residual meat.