Chain Covers

im not even sure what they are called
but does anyone know where to buy them ? :S

OMG that thing is UGLY!

Sorry mate but it really is ugly.

hahah, they dont look too bad keeps dirt from coming in and grease off ya pants.

Wow, great contribution.

I have seen them before on a bike, but I can’t remember where I saw it. I couldn’t find much info on them, except for a patent application for a drive chain cover:
Drive Chain Cover - Patent application - protective cover for a drive chain made of multiple pivotally connected drive chain links, e
Hopefully you can take some key words from the article and use them as search terms in google to find more information.

More like keeps the dirt and grit in.

I remember a pic of a bike with one of these posted ages ago on here (like a year or two ago), cant find it though. Pretty sure it’s just a bit of plastic tubing that is cut lengthwise then just stuck over the chain.
Don’t know why you would bother though, its just going to be irritatingly noisy, is horribly naff and it looks even worse (if possible) than coloured chains

so much hatin, the idea has merit. although i can’t see it taking off in the fixtie scene. DH & Moto might benefit from something like this though.

If this kind of thing was actually of any benefit it would have been done years ago

You can use electrical wire loom for a similar result. Chain Cover Tutorial (Prolly Is Not Probably) Wire loom looks slightly different to the picture above. Not sure exactly what the picture above is.

These were cool to have on your bmx when I was a kid in the early 80’s…saw a bunch of bikes in Japan with them on…

The answer to a question that should never have been asked.

err. how’s that going to go through the jockey wheels of a derailleur?

I don’t think this kind of chain cover has any merit at all. I can imagine it moving over time, possibly catching on the chainring or cog- imagine what would happen…

If you are going to do it, do it properly:

^ that’s lovely!!
What brand is that one do you know?

Chainguards, Stay Protectors, Kickstands

velo orange is great, just recieved a shipment from them for a womens strep through restoration im doing.