Chain drive efficiency

Think I’ll see if I can get a copy of that paper to find out the difference between a singlespeed vs a cross chained derailleur setup.

IR seems like overkill, easier to have a known power/torque in at the crankset and measure output at the hub.

Interesting find.

“The Johns Hopkins engineer wonders why bicycle manufacturers don’t advertise the energy efficiency of their products, especially considering that the source of this energy is a human rider. “When you walk into a store and look at appliances, there’s usually an energy guide on them, telling you how much it will cost to run the machine for a year. That allows you to make comparisons,” Spicer says.”

Wouldn’t that be funny seeing this featured in next years Campagnolo/Shimano catalogue… :mrgreen:

You can’t tell Joe Roadie that his Madone in 39x11 is 80% efficient compared to the Pista at 98%!

Maybe I should ditch 42x17 and go 56x22…