Chain link removal, wheel clearance

I’m planning on removing a chain link or two in order to make my bike a little bit more tidy seeing as the rear axle sits near the end of the dropouts. Is there an easy way to check whether or not it will still fit the rear wheel before I take the chain off/remove links?

not sure if its the easiest way, but when once you disconnect the chain, just ‘dummy’ it up. ie, tighten the wheel where you want it. Then run the chain and see where the closest point would be, then remove the closest link.

(sorry if that made no sense at all)

Assuming it’s not a half link chain…removing a link will move the rear axle forward about half an inch.

Sweet, I have tonnes of room. Thanks for the help!

the real issue with close tolerances is whether you can move the wheel far enough forward so that you can flip the chain free of the sprocket without having to deflate the tyre

if you’re running a rear caliper brake double check that the caliper arms have enough adjustment to sit the pads on the rim properly after you adjust the wheel

If it’s a road frame that shouldn’t be a problem.