Chain noise issue

Don’t worry, not another “my chain line is noisy!” thread. Well sort of. Basically I bought a new chain a few months ago, think its a KMC Z510 HX. Chain was running super smooth when I first installed it. Now the chain seems to be making a “rattling” sound, which differs slightly under high pedal pressure, but slightly less evident when just cruising. Chain gets cleaned and re lubed AT LEAST once a week, with actual chain lube, and chain tension is correct. (tried slightly different tensions all pretty much the same noise) Chain line is almost dead straight too. From what I can see the only source of the noise is the rollers moving side to side between the plates. I’m sure there were no gaps between the sides of the rollers and the plates when the chain was new, but now there is play…Chain has had very little use really. Basically I want to know if this is normal? And maybe more expensive chains don’t get this problem due to better tolerances? Also what chain would people recommend for fixed gear? Cheers

your chainring bolts are loose

Yep, I thought my bb was shot once, turned out it was just the chainring bolts loose. Tightened and silence…

Izumi chains were always my preference.

+1 izumi, or miche are good too…

Not the chain ring bolts. They were the first thing I checked after tension. How much roughly for an Izumi chain and best place to buy online?

^$40 ish. Gear Brisbane.

I’ve had a few noisy KMC BMX chains. Isumi are great.

Checked that your valves aren’t rattling in the valve hole in the ring?? Been fooled by that before…

I mean ive had some bmx chains on bmx bikes do the same thing. But then every time I used a KMC cool chain it was silent. Just not too sure how the shape of the cool chain will go with fixed gear chainrings and cogs? Parts are worth a bit more than bmx parts…Might try the Izumi.

HLC what shops do you recommend in Perth are worth wandering into?

what area do you live in? I’m sure we could recommend you the best lbs.

Grease the chain ring bolts
Check cranks are tight
Do you have a track chain ring on not a road one?
If this is all good then try a new chain.
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So grease the chainring bolts inside thread? Or between the bolts and the spider? Or both? Didn’t think they would need grease…

In the Midland/Kalamunda area daily. And also the Freo/Hammy Hill area a few times a week.

Abotu $28 to $50 depending upon colour/model. They’re all the same chain though.

I’m almost certain Ideal Cycles on South Street have Izumi chains in stock.

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KMC kool chains work fine, very well even, for fixed and track applications. Much cheaper than an Izumi too.

Riders Choice in Leedy DO stock Izumi chains if ou don’t wanna risk the trip there

I’ve been running one for about 6 months now. It stretched a lot, and quickly initially, is apples now.

Have noticed that with bmx as well. Might grab a cool chain then. Also running a single half link is much better than a whole half link chain right? Don’t get why people do it.
Also Ideal cycles is just round the corner from Hammy Hill, looked like a crappy shop from the outside so never bothered going in. Also I work in east perth so Leedy bike shop is close aswell.

Yeh it looks a little crappy from the outside. The ‘massage parlour’ with boarded up windows next door doesn’t help. Great shop though.

Make sure everything is 1/8th (or whatever you’re running - make sure its all the same)… Then replace chainring and rear cog too… I have confidence all will be sweet.