chain slip?

I have found that recently my chain has been skipping quite frequently when i skid/accelerate at the lights/ride out of the saddle and it scares the shit out of me. I’m running a 46/16 and my chain is not excessively dirty nor is it loose. I’m not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff so i was wondering if the more experienced people here would have a better idea of the cause of the issue.

thanks guys

I’d say it’s not your chain slipping but your lockring/cog are not tight enuf and they are slipping forward when you skid and back when you take off…

+1, lockring/cog came off my hub once while whipping down a hill…was quite amusing, stripped the threads. Had to use the freewheel brakeless, the shoes didnt last long :smiley:

This. Take your wheel to your LBS and get them to tighten your cog and lockring.

Stephen, take your bike into a shop and get them to do up the cog/lockring. They’ll have a proper lockring wrench that will be able to do this up properly (tight enough). It’s one of those jobs that you wanna be careful doing yourself, a) because you really need to use a track chainwhip and lockring wrench (there are two sizes: Japanese and Italian); and b) cause if you slip it is possible to cut your hand or arm quite badly on the cog’s exposed teeth.

Do it soon as you’ll screw the thread on the hub pretty quickly if you don’t.

EDIT: Rooster bet me to it.

thanks a lot guys, will get to my LBS asap to get it done up.


if biking is something more than just transport buy the tools you need and if you have an lbs that you frequent ask them to show you how to do it. best advice i was given once i was bitten…

So, 1 monthish later
I had my lock ring tightened and everything and all was going well, I was riding up a hill one night and i felt it come undone again. I kept riding because i thought that it would at least be okay until i got home. NOPE, the lock ring and cog came off when i was riding down a hill. I’m pretty sure that the threads on my hub are fvcked because no matter how much i tighten the lock ring (even tried using a new one), it comes undone ridiculously easily. They also look pretty shredded

Do I just buy a new hub/rear wheel and use a better lock ring (that is tightened properly)? Current wheels are the alexrims that came stock on my fuji classic.

New rear hub/complete wheel.

Good quality sprocket and lockring, grease, and take it to someone who can install the parts properly if you don’t trust yourself.

thanks HLC!

whats on the other side of the hub?

Now that you’ve trashed the stock wheels you invest in a good wheelset. Kinda a rite of passage I reckon.

Handbuilt wheels - quality high flange hubs with sealed Bearings - 36H rear, 28H front x double-butted spokes (radial front, 3 cross rear) x Aerohead or Deep Vs FTW
(All you Deep V haters can suck it).

And by the sounds of things you should invest in a fixed/fixed hub… :wink:

Ps there are three different locking threads campag, Japanese and Mavic , just being pedantic because it is something I am good at :slight_smile: