Chain "Streeeeetch"

How far do you go?

Had to take a link out last night as the chain is so elongated that the chain unshipped twice on the way home, the wheel is now back to the front of the dropouts and the cog seems a bit hooky. Should I keep using the chain?

last measurement 12 links 134.22mm

It fits fine, minus a link, just wondering how far I can/should push my luck? Chain has done 4,000kms or so.

No, it’s stuffed.

If the Park tool says it worn, it’s worn…

If it unhitches, it’s especially stuffed. the fact that you removed a link or put in a ahlf-link won’t fix the fact that the rollers are worn and have increased the apparent amount of ‘stretch’ between the pins.

So, just go and buy a new chain you tigharse! :wink:

(especially when you can get a new chain for $20 and a half-link costs ~$7…)

If you read the chain instructions (yes some of us do!), inner measurement of rollers with calipers for 12 links (6 inner/6 outer), the replacement recommendation is usually 132.60mm so yes I have gone well past. The ring looks fine the cog may be doubtful…

Does chain stretch matter as much with fixed as geared? With geared, you have shifting problems as well as cog wear (and to a lesser extent ring wear). The fixed gear cog is a lot beefier than a cassette cog so it will last longer. Also the cog (unless you run bling) is much cheaper to replace than a cassette.

I’m facing the same question myself, so am interested in your wisdom versus my speculation.

Well, this chain seems to be ‘stretching’ quicker (but it gets the worst of commuting weather and maintenance). I’ve taken a 10sp chain to 10,000kms and not had it this ‘stretched’.

that diagram from Dafrog sums it up pretty simply.

sacrifice a few drinks on the weekend and that will pay for your new chain.

I’m a little worried cause I just purchased a KMC freestyle BMX superlight chain. (hollow pins and Cutouts in both the inner and outer plates) this is probably gonna be the Stretch Armstrong of chains… BUT IT LOOKS SO NICE IN GOLD! haha.

the “stretch” occurs as the plates cut into the pins and become looser.
This means that the rollers are further apart than they’re supposed to be and as a result, put extra pressure on the teeth. Track stuff is obviously beefier but will still be subject to the extra wear as well.

Regular replacement of chains will be cheaper in the long run than having to keep replacing prematurely worn rings and cogs.

Sime: stretch isn’t the plates stretching, it’s the plates wearing out the pins so the cutouts won’t make any difference.

I tried the ruler thing in the past but never seemed very good, with a good set of vernier calipers you can see the chain elongating if you measure every few hundred k’s.

I’ve never taken a chain this far, but it is a commuter and usually gets oil only when it starts to squeak and at the point usually gets a rough wipe before oiling.

Hi there, I’m roguedubb and I’m a lazy man who’d prefer to lick a dinosaur’s arse before breaking a chain.

Say I did have a chain stretched past whateverthatnumberwas and I didn’t change it, but I keep it at a reasonable level of tension. What’s going to happen? Sure, stuff is going to wear out, but everything wears out (snowflake’s knees? :P). Will it eventually go BOOM?

I know a few old rides with chain, rings, cogs all worn out on bikes that’d cost less than a pub meal with a pint and they run ok if you don’t shift. So, I roll along on my track bike (you’ll never get me to voluntarily use the term “fixie”), never shifting gears, wondering if I’ll ever find my way back to the North Fitzroy Star (that place always evades me for some reason), deciding what socks I’ll wear and never once contemplating anything like chain-stretch. And then this post about chain-stretch leaps out in front of me!

So I send in my fleet of zombie monkeys (I decided they warranted their own collective noun). They do battle with the post, but moderators leap to the post’s defense… no wait… moderators yawn to… wait, I’ll try again… moderators look on in a bemused manner while I pass them a tumbler of spiced rum and point out the finer features of my zombie monkey fleet.

What I’m trying to say is: When will it (chain-stretch) really matter?

SOMEDUDE “Wow John, you should think about swapping out that chain, it’s like totally stretched dude!”
SOMEDUDE “Your chain dude, change it!”
SOMEDUDE “Told him so.”
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SOMEDUDE “Sounds like birds?”
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Thanks John.

I hope everyone learns something from that.

Don’t do drugs mmm’kay?

A worn chain will wear the rest of the drivetrain MUCH faster than normal. It’s cheaper to replace the chain than it is replace a chainring and cog.


hahahaha look at my name go! That’s going to be my signoff from now on :slight_smile:

of all the 1/8 chains i’ve used the KMC super lite slotted thing has lasted the best.
i’ve actually had to replace a rear sprocket and this chain is still mint.
i love this chain and it does look cool.
oh yes it is the shiney!

Hang-on, I thought John went BOOM? Is he talking from the ether or is he like some vampire zombie monkey version of a zombie monkey lord that can disseminate into said fleet of zombie monkeys at will? I’m :expressionless:

Im using that. Seems fine so far. I’ve changed the back tube about 3 times since I installed the chain and the wheel is still mounted in the same spot on the drop outs. And the chain is tight (prob a little to tight)

I’ve had a bunch (maybe 5 or 6) of bmx mates use these and first thing they have said once i told them i got one was ‘THEY WEAR OUT REALLY FUCKING FAST!’

Im kinda of also hoping that this is put down to the small 9. 10 & 11 tooth drivers they are using in their cassette hubs creating extra torque on the chain. and the fact that track cogs typically dont go that small.

but if dudes on here are happy from experience then I am a bit more comfortable.

I just bought one of these slotted chains - looks pretty bling. I asked the guy 3/32? and he looked blank but said yup. I just checked the box and sure enough it’s 1/8, no wonder so heavy. Back she goes. Do you know if they come in 3/32 or are all BMX chains 1/8?

They come in both :slight_smile:

or switch to decaf…