Chain type for ENO freewheel

I just fitted an ENO hub and freewheel, to take over from a bog standard cog on an Ultegra hub. Looks SWEET, not to mention the red Velocity rims.

Question: the 9 speed chain fits very snugly on the ENO freewheel and is noisy. Should I be using a wider chain? I’ve looked at the specs sheet on and it doesn’t specify. One of you bright sparks might have the ready answer. Thanks.

Oh and did I mention how sweet it looks? :sunglasses:

Go get a 3/32’ width chain. 9 speed is narrower than that ‘standard’.

Though I’m sure someone will correct me if white ind singlespeed stuff is 1/8’?

WI definately make stuff in 3/32.

Donga: Your cog is most likely 3/32. If it were 1/8, your multi-speed chain would not even sit between the teeth.

As for noise, that could be due to alot of things:

  1. not straight chain line
  2. too tight chain tension
  3. old worn chain on new cog/chainring
  4. or like you say, chain fits very snugly on the cog.

So I’d suggest to have a look at all those things as well as buying a bmx 3/32 chain. You can get a decent KMC one for about $20. Cheap investment to keep your nice WI stuff running smoothly if you ask me.


Dang, beat me to the punch whatthekoon. I can’t recomend the KMC strongly enough, cheap, strong and seem to last for ages.


Thanks guys. Des, you were right about the alignment - in tightening the axle bolt the axle pulled a little off square - so I have to hold the wheel in place while I cam the hub and tighten the bolt - helps to have three hands! It’s quiet now.

I measured up the cogs and chain with a vernier caliper - from memory:
(3/32 in = 2.38 mm)

  • inside width of 9 speed chain 2.4 mm
  • width of 9 sp cog - 1.2 mm
  • width of scruffy cog - 1.6 mm
  • width of ENO cog - 2.2 mm

So it is a snug fit, but nothing wrong with that!

As I understand it the BMX chain will have the same internal sizing as the 9 spd chain (3/32), without all the chamfering for changing gears - and it will be beefier. So I’ll pick up a chain as you suggest.

I think all White Industries stuff is 3/32. Can’t comment on their new cranksets. I use a 1/8 chain on my WI freewheel and all is well.