Chain upside down?

Does a chain have a top side and a bottom side?

some do, like kool chain. most dont.

this is embarrassing but this is isn’t it?

Yeh that looks like you have a kool chain upside down/inside out.

Q: does this make it the right way up again?

I noticed your chain was on upside down the other day at the shop but it doesn’t really matter so i didn’t mention it. Break it and flip it if you have to but it’s not all that important.

Thanks Marty!

Might be the reason for the grinding I was feeling though?

Might not be the noise, kmc calls the chain “specially shaped” f**ked if I know what they mean by that besides a gimmick. The inside links that actually contact with the cog are shaped like any old chain, its just the outer plates with the funkee shape. Wait, have I just answered my own question?

‘feeling’ not hearing…

anyway I’ll flip it over thos afternoon and see what happens

If you’re “feeling” a “grinding” you might just have your chain too tight

I had my kmc chain upside down on my first bike, it sounded like shit. swapped it around and it turned into a ninja bike. sooooooo quiet

Ninjas are sooo kool…

I broke it and flipped it and there is no more grinding BUT I’m still not a ninja :?

one day. it doesn’t happen over night but it will happen. you have a lot to learn young padawan learner its all about taking in the Che and out with the zen, oh yeah and sticking to your guns. :smiley: :? :expressionless: :slight_smile: :frowning: