My chainring on the outside of the spindle gives it a 45mm chainline.

Is 3mm out to much? I could always put the chainring on the inside if 3mm out is to dangerous :expressionless:


I’m not sure if it is dangerous, but you will get sick of the grinding pretty quickly.

So it will be noisy hmmm even if the chain is well lubed?

Yeah noisy. Move it to the inside… it looks ugly but it works better, and is safer.

Or get a shorter bb?

My bb is 103mm. Dam sugino cranks yeah i will have to move it then :frowning:

Thanks for your help spud and pal.

There’s usually ~5mm difference between the rings on road crank (in my experience) so if you switch the ring to the inside it will still be out by up to to 2mm.

If it were me, I’d do it properly and use cranks/bb that will give you 42mm (or whatever your hub is). It’s much better to have a straight chainline than not.

Good Shimano square taper BBs are only ~$40 so you might even be better of financially than prematurely wearing chains and chainrings because of a bad chainline.

A few reviews later on the sugino rd cranks and apparently if i switch the chain ring to the inside it will almost be a perfect a 42mm chain line.

Once my bike is built up (this week fingers crossed) i will know forsure.

Oh i should of ask you guys before i brought this stuff :frowning: