Chainreactioncycles 'Price Match' function

If you look at the bottom of every listing on CRC these days, there is a little ‘price match’ button which lets you match a competitors price. Cool function.
Except I just tried it out and got a email saying it failed with some excuse.

Anyone here got it working?

Yours sincerely, the internet shopper

You might have overloaded it. :stuck_out_tongue:

They might have guessed you were looking for a seatpost?

The site’s PG-13 and they saw your bare chest via your webcam and rejected your cookies.

I can’t believe this is becoming a fail thread. I’m not the only one who shops online! :smiley:

Ah the mythical seatpost. After much research I think form follows function. Yes, the god damn ugly setback Thomson it is…

why not just buy it from where you saw the cheaper price?

btw, i got a new seatpost for $17.50 the other day. greased it up, stuck it in, got the saddle horizontal and tightened the whole thing up in 10 minutes…

how about an FSA seatpost, they’re attractive

It’s called consolidated shopping

FSA is fine. But the Thomson wins.
The newly released Paul setback seatpost is nice but I don’t think it’s worth double the Thomson. I quite like how the Paul is machined from two pieces and the top threads onto the post. Smart design, except the Thomson is far more elegant because it’s only one piece.

i see. i tried to consolidate some shopping on wiggle the other day, but it resulted in a doubling of the postage so i unconsolidated.
i was buying a(nother, different) seatpost :stuck_out_tongue:

^^ should have just done what i do… and ordered more shit i dont need to get the free shipping :open_mouth:

haha, trying to save atm, but the thought crossed my mind :stuck_out_tongue: