Chainring Bolts

Where is the best and fastest place to buy?

They are for Sugino Mighty track cranks.

Not worth buying online.
Go to your bike shop and specifically ask for STEEL chainring bolts, if they don’t have them… Go somewhere else, its not worth the ride to the dentist for alloy bolts…

Hey, I was looking around for the same, my chain ring bolts are rusting…
Anyone know if titanium bolts are available? Or something corrosion resistant.


there’s an ebay store that sells titanium ones, but some chromed steel ones from your local shop would probably be just as good.

Just make sure you buy track or bmx bolts - road bolts will be too long and won’t tighten up with a single ring.

titanium ones are crap, theyre too soft for it. just get stainless bolts…and clean your bike.