chainring bolts

So apparently the bolts that come with omniums are utter shit and I’ve rounded a couple of them swapping chainrings.

Anyone got a spare set sitting around I can buy, possibly pick them up in the cbd tomorrow or at RAW tomorrow night if you’re going.

I’ve got 4 ,not sure where the 5th is as I had it on a 104 bcd ring

Yeah, aluminium bolts and whatnot eh. Bugger. Were you putting on a larger ring? Think the sram ones are only good for their 48t ring since it is thicker than most other rings.

Anyone wanna chime in here?

About half way through this I remember you having this exact problem Hayes. Won’t make it out to RAW tomorrow, will have to drill the last one out over the weekend and get some new bolts in.

See if you can borrow someone else’s crank for RAW?

I like the stock bolts that are on omniums for the fact they are a two allen key job to install, but that’s about it. I have an irrational dislike for a chainring bolt spanners.

that’s what superglue is for…